Green Grass Smells

I was walking with my dog Teli this morning for her morning bathroom visit. I’m not sure exactly what time it was but my guess was around 7AM. We walk past the Fortelaza Ozama on Calle las Damas so she can go potty in the grass surrounding the wall. The grass inside the fort when it gets long looks like wheat waving in the breeze. It has a purple-burgundy tint to the top sprouting seed pods. When a breeze hits this grass it looks like waves. Like the line “Amber waves of grain” in the USA National Anthem. This view reminded me of that line. But today they were cutting the grass. It is a large open field with the ruins of the old fort scattered here and there. There were two men cutting with very antique looking hand pushed lawn mowers. I can remember my dad teaching me how to cut the grass. you had to go in certain directions, keeping the rows straight. You could not miss a spot or it would mess up the entire system Well, my dad was needed here. These guys were not following the grass cutting rules I grew up with. But the were cutting and I was smelling.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I even used to have some essential oil called Fresh Cut Hay and would burn it often here because there is not much lawns that need cutting here in the Colonial City. The smell was divine. I was really enjoying it while waiting for Teli to make her business.

Then tonight when we walked that way again on the way to Telis park the smell was still lingering. I had to stop and sit on the wall. The sitting part is easy but I forgot about the getting up part as I was so into smelling the essence or cut grass. Teli and I sat there for a while until the neighborhood kids wanted to play ball and Teli doesn’t like this so I had to get up. This is when, amongst the wonderful smells and the kids looking at me, that I remembered I need something to hold on to to get up. Of course there was nothing there.

I rolled my big butt off the little short wall and rolled over onto all fours. Teli was looking at me like I was either going crazy or wanting to play. Then I worked my way up using the dogs butt to stable myself, trying not to put too much pressure on her. Finally I was up. Laughing quietly out loud to myself and Teli and taking in the last smelling on that fresh cut lawn until the next time.

I learned myself a valuable lesson, that I learned many times before but always seem to forget. When stopping to smell the fresh cut grass always make sure that there is a way to get up if I decide to sit my big ole butt on or close to the ground. Must remember the back is not happy when it has to get up from a squatting position without help. And, to try and remember to take my camera next time I go for a walk.

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