My Move to the New Apartment

I know I have not written in a while so let me see what’s been happening.

I did move into my new apartment(Aug. 8)and love it here. I am still living in the Colonial Zone. There is still a problem with the filtration. There are a few leaky pipes. There is a spot where the water is dripping from the ceiling. But the biggest leaking problem is on the outside wall in the living room. There is water underneath the paint and making little bubbles in the paint. There is one spot where the water broke through and seeps out. I have to keep my mop here to absorb the water and wring it out each day. I don’t like it but it is an older building and this is common here, especially when the rent is not that expensive and the landlord really doesn’t care to repair. You get what you pay for.

Other than the water drippage I am so content. It is so nice that I can spread out. Not like before just having a single room to live in. I love having my very own bathroom and a real kitchen. I even put my computer in my home so now I can work out of my very own home whenever I wish. I also have a web cam of the view from my window. The view is a bit limited now because the cord is not long enough to reach all the windows but I’m working on that. (Thanks Frank for the cam..your wonderful!)

I am just so content here. The big problem is that I really do not care to leave. I have spent days without even stepping outside. If I really need something to eat or drink I just call the Colmado to deliver. This is a good and bad thing. I don’t have to get dressed to go out but I am gaining weight and could easily become a real recluse. Maybe after I’ve been here for a while Ill start wanting to go out again but for now I love just staying home.

The move was an experience. I was going to call Apollo Cargo but the guy at the office said to use the neighbor. He would charge $1000 pesos less. So I waited and waited and finally around 3PM the guy came home and we started moving. Another neighbor helped him.

I stood guard at the truck while the guys carried the stuff down the flight of stairs and I arranged the stuff in the truck. We made the first run and the guy in the street infront of the new apartment saved us a parking spot. I was in the apartment and the guys carried everything up to the 3rd floor.

The second trip some friends came to help out. The moving guys were starting to wonder why they took the job for such little cash. I told them I had lots of stuff but they didn’t think all that stuff could fit into a one room apartment. At the end of the second trip they were getting really tired and grouchy.

Making the last load they were banging stuff around and not paying attention. They broke the bottom board of my bed. They scratched up my fridge. They also were going to leave my washmachine and stove at the downstairs door and not carry it up until my friends saw and made them carry the stuff up.

All in all it worked out. I did pay them $1000 pesos extra, the same I would have paid Apollo.

I was only missing a few things. Stupid things. A rubber exercise band and a metal exercise ring. Also a multicolored luggage strap that I saw the helper guy wearing as a belt the next week. I didn’t say anything to him but I looked at the belt and smiled and he got a weird look on his face. He knew he was busted. (I saw him the other day and he was wearing the strap as a belt. He looked at me then his hand went to the belt and he grinned.)

I wish I had my camera to take pictures of the truck piled high with all my stuff but it was in a box and there was no way I was going to make those guys stop and let me dig into a box when they were running like crazy to get me moved it.

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