Hurricane Irene – Update 2

It is 10:20Am and the electric went out for about 10 minutes around 9. Not hurricane related as this happens alot these days just for about 10 minutes. I think they are doing some type of construction and shut the electric off for this.

Just got a big wind burst. My ladder is on the balcony ready to put up the plastic and it blew over. The guys on the scaffolding are taking it down right now. I heard a few big “¡diablos!” being yelled after the gust. I think it was the guys on the scaffolding. They are working fast taking it down.

We had a shot of rain but now nothing. The sky is getting darker as I am typing.

The third picture you can see the sea in the distance. Hard to make out in the picture but I can see some movement in the water and it is really gray looking.

The sky from my window north towards Parque Colon. The tree is waving slightly.

The sky when Irene is on the way at 10:20AM facing east.

The sky facing south toward the Caribbean sea at 10:20AM. Irene is on her way.

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