A Few Recent Pictures 6/2011

I took some pictures that really do not have a big story behind them but I just wanted to share so hear they are…
Some pigeons enjoying a downpour as seen from my window.

pigeons in colonial zone rain

Pigeons in Colonial Zone rain storm

These goats were taking a stroll down the street in the town of Palenque, Dominican Republic.

goats in palenque dominican republic

Some goats taking a stroll

A friend, Doug, took me to Palenque for the day and this is a great view from the road.

mountain view palenque

A view in Palenque, Dominican Republic

This is me with some friends of mine hanging out at the Colmado I call Colmado Oficina (really the name is Colmado Omar II) in Colonial Zone.

Hanging with friends

This is the chickens and roosters that call the patio behind the office home. They cluck and crow all day. The customers from the gift shop in the front always have interesting words to say when they go to use the bathroom and see the chicken farm behind the business. Who woulda thunk?? Right in the heart of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo…

The chickens behind the office

If you want to see the full size pictures click on them.

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