Caribbean Air Show 2011 Preview

The Air show is Saturday and Sunday and the planes are practicing.Today on my apartment the planes were flying overhead and they were so loud that I couldn’t even hear the tv. The car alarms in the street were going off as the planes roared overhead. I tried taking a picture but by the time I heard a plane and got the camera out the window it was out of sight.

I’m not sure if Ill go and see the show. In my old age..jeje ..I’m not into big crowds.Maybe Ill just sit on the 5 story roof top of my building and watch a bit as they fly over. Or I might just get the urge to go and see the show close up. One never knows what my mood will be.

I’ll try and take at least a video to post.

More info about the Air Show at the Colonial Zone News Blog. Thats my new blog with news and information about Colonial Zone and the area.

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