Bringing in the New Year 2011

>Another New Years Eve has come and gone. I was to go to a friend’s home in Sosua for the event but I got a cold (or the gripe as they say here in DR) so I decided to just stay home and suffer alone.

There were a lot of events happening in the Colonial Zone area. I decided to go to the little get together that the neighbors were having in the little parking lot near my office. This way I didn’t have to stay out late.

I went home to rest up for a while. I had to force myself to go out. Once I’m home all comfy and cozy I hate to leave. But about 11PM made myself go to the party.

As I was walking out the door of the building where I live this giant rat ran out from the gutter. He (or maybe it was a she, I didn’t bother to check the gender) was a monster, at least 20 pounds with giant snarling teeth and a tail that was a 1/2 mile long. Really, he was a normal sized rat as rats go but when you see one it always looks bigger than it really is. I did a little jump and an ooohhh! when he startled me. He jumped too. He ran into the wall and then turned around and ran right over my foot. I was jumping, not high mind you as my body won’t do that these days but I was jumping quite exuberantly for this ole gal. Doing the old eewwhhh hand gestures as I was walking up the street and giggling to myself. To myself as no one saw it and there was no one to share the yuck with. What a yucky feeling it was too. Then I started to wonder if there was a tradition somewhere that a rat running across the feet on New Years Eve was good luck. I searched the Internet and couldn’t find anything about this so I decided to pretend that it was a good sign even thought I was pretty disgusted with the rat on my foot thought.

So, I got to the Colmado near the parking lot. Everyone was there starting out the night. I had a beer and sat with the neighbors. Midnight came and everyone hugged and kissed and turned our heads up to watch the fireworks. Then we moved on to the parking lot where they set up a stereo and had good music going.

We were all talking and dancing and having a good time. But my cold got the best of me. At about 1:30AM I had to go home and get into my own beddie-bye. I had a good time. I didn’t run into many crowds and got to hang out with my friends. I’m getting too old to go where there are tons of people partying and getting rowdy, at least in my mind I’m too old for that stuff. I got home before everyone got crazy and too drunk, which is just what I like.

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  1. >Janette I love your website. I just sent it to another gringa friend of mine who lives in Cabarete but loves the Colonial Zone, maybe she can refer people to you. She is also from Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
    Tomorrow The Colmado Tour! Hehe Talk to you mañana.

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