Political Rally Traffic Jam in ColonialZone

>The weekend before elections here there are so many people in the streets campaigning. It can get a bit crazy and sometimes a little dangerous. but, all and all it is another interesting time to be here in Dominican Republic. The people in the streets waving banners. The trucks loaded to capacity with large speakers playing music and announcing their candidates at full blast (when they pass bu my apartment I couldn’t even hear the TV).

I went to my neighborhood park to hang out during one of the rallys. The street in Colonial Zone was so congested. There was a hugh traffic jam or in Dominican Spanish, tapon. The cars were decorated with banners and flags. Trucks filled with people and gifts in payment for a vote. People everywhere engaging in all sort of activities including holding mops (swapes indicating cleaning up the government). Vendors everywhere selling their food and wares to the crowds.

I took this video while sitting outside with my neighbors watching the activities. I also added some annotations to enhance the comic value. Enjoy!

One thought on “Political Rally Traffic Jam in ColonialZone

  1. >Maybe you have to live here to fully appreciate this, but I LOVED your commentary. I could not stop laughing at "Yes, I'm still trying to back up in the middle of the street" and "Blow your horns, maybe they will move now." It's good for people to know this is how people drive everyday – not just during a tapon due to political rallies. Heather

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