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>I took a little trip to Palenque Beach or as it is called here in Dominican Republic Playa Palenque. I decided to try and go alone and stay in a hotel. I never really went to a beach to stay the night alone before so it was a little adventure that I´m glad I took. I had a great time.

I caught the guagua (little bus-van type vehicle) at Parque Independencia in Zona Colonial. The cobradoro (guy who takes the money on the guagua) was friendly. I also talked to an older man sitting next to me. He even gave me a cooked sweet potato to eat and I gave him a swig of my rum I had with me.

I got to the Hotel Playa Palenque. It was a nice place with a pool and restaurant. The room was comfy and clean but I didn’t spend much time there. I headed out to the beach to check it out as soon as I dropped my backpack in the room.

I met some people right away and had a few beers. Also got a plan to go to a place to dance in the evening. A guy, Miguel Angel said he would come and get me on a motoconcho.
friend at playa palinque(click image to enlarge)friend at playa palinque(click image to enlarge)

I’m a bit afraid of motor cycles as I like to keep my flesh attached to my body and not have it be part of the pavement. But I went, three on the little bike,and had a good time.

First we went to Miguels house. His mom was there and we had a few beers and talked a bit. She is a really nice lady, I will visit her again for sure. Then we headed to a little Colmado type dance place across from the park. We danced and had a nice evening and I went back to the hotel by midnight.
The next day I went to enjoy the beach and sun. I had some of the local fried fish, head and all. The fish looked a bit frightening, especially the eaten one in the back of this picture. He had really evil,dead eyes, like some horror movie. I made sure to open the mouth so you could see the little sharp teeth. Even though it was ugly it was very tasty.
friend at playa palinque(click image to enlarge)

Met a Dominican York guy that has a little place on the beach and talked a while with him. Then went to the room to take a nap so I could go dancing again that night. I got back to the hotel by midnight again and slept well that night.
friend at playa palinque(click image to enlarge)friend at playa palinque(click image to enlarge)

The next day as I was getting my things together to go I came across a big spider in the kitchen. I went and got the maid to see if she could sweep it out.I didn’t want to kill it. She came in and said it was OK and it wouldn’t hurt me.I just didn’t want it sneaking up on me when I didn’t expect it. But I left it there and took a few pictures of it. It looked like it was holding a light bulb in its mouth. I have no idea what that was. But after about 5 pics it got tired of the attention and scurried into a cabinet.
friend at playa palinque(click image to enlarge)

I went to the beach because I was invited to lunch with the DomYork guy. He made some spaghetti and we talked a bit more. Then I had to go.
I got on the guagua and headed for home again. It was funny because two times when the bus stopped to get people someone at the stop knew me. I didn’t realize that I knew people that lived out there but I guess I do.

Got back to the city with a sore back, as usual. Carrying a pack on my back does it every time.But I will return again to that beach now that I have friends there and maybe even a free place to sleep now. So that makes the trip even better, and cheaper.
More information and the exact location of Palenque Beach check here

5 thoughts on “Trip to Playa Palenque

  1. hi…I really enjoy reading your blog…this is so weird, I left santo domingo in 2001 now I live in queens ny, I said its weird because when I go back for visiting I feel that I don’t belong there no more, now I see you doing the opposite…I guess everybody have their reasons…I was born in the mountain side of Santiago,the weather its so nice over there…a lot of pine trees, clear air ,sun and spectacular views but some how the whole population of my little town (el rubio) now lives in new jersey…most of my family moved to new york…I moved to la capital I stayed there for some years before I got my permanent residency in the us (which you also have to renew if you don’t became a us citizen which I did in 2006).
    I love to go visiting when I have a chance. my last trip was in 2013…I love la zona colonial…el parque colon is so colorful…the people is colorful..i was surprised my taxi driver was from Iraq…an Iraqi guy speaking Dominican Spanish…so many Italians and French and Germans…scarce Americans thou…anyways, like I told you, I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope you have a good time there…maybe we can have a presidente sometime this year when I get there…keep feeding the blog its good!

  2. >Enjoyed reading your blog, we've been going to Playa Palenque for over 20 years – we have a house at Playa Najayo, but Palenque is so much nicer! If they ever build Coconut Paradise at the far end of Palenque [Cocolandia] we plan to buy a place there.

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