Concert for Los Haitises

The Concert for Los Haitises held at Plaza de Espana on July 19 was amazing. The bands were great. The turn out was unbelievable. There were so many people there, more than I have ever seen for any concert or gathering in the Plaza since I’ve been living here. There is said to have been over 5000 people, mostly young, attending this event.

The main goal of this concert was to make people aware of the bad effects to the environment the cement plant will do to this unique park. There is a plan to build the factory on the park lands and the youth of Dominican Republic have been showing their disapproval and trying to make people aware. Los Haitises is a beautiful and unique natural park on the southern coast of the Bay of Samaná. There are mangrove swamps where manatee swim. caves and a humid tropical forest. The park is full of strange and interesting rock formations that emerge from the sea called mogotes.

To see what you can still do to help by donating, buying -shirts and more go to

There are also some great pictures of the event.

Here are some pictures I took with my new camera (thank you both for the camera – you know who you are) before it got dark as I’m so paranoid taking my camera (#5) out when there are alot of people around, especially when its dark out side.

oxygen men save los haitises at concert por los haitises

people watching concert por los haitises

watching concert por los haitises

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