Friendly Fight at the Colmado

>So you are thinking “friendly fight, whats that”? Well, here I have seen many friendly fights. Yes, there is punching and lots of verbal abusive words but it usually ends with everyone shaking hands and talking normal again.

Sunday I went to meet an American friend his girlfriend and baby for lunch at the Courtyard Marriott Santo Domingo (the taxi driver misunderstood me and dropped me at the Mejia first so remember if you take a taxi to the Marriott make sure the guy gets it right as both of those words sound similar to a Dominican). I was planning on walking back for my traditional Sunday walkabout but it was raining, like it has been for the last month, so I had their taxi drop my off in the Zone in front of one of my favorite neighborhood Colmados, Colmado El Arca

We were all squished inside as it just kept drizzling rain outside. I got the cheep beer 3 grandes for $110 pesos and joined in all the conversations going on. A neighbor guy known for his over drinking started getting boisterous as he does sometimes. He loves to cause a scene especially when he’s playing dominoes. Well, his mom came and was yelling at him and telling him to get home. He was yelling at her and all the men inside went out to get involved. Of course, I didn’t understand all the stuff being said as everyone was talking way too fast for me and the music was playing inside and i was not going to go outside in all the turmoil. Normally when things like this happen I’m outta there but we all know the drunk guy and I did not feel at all concerned about my safety.

I was sitting on the little patio at this time talking to an Amiga not worrying about the grandstanding happening a few arms length away from where we were sitting. The guy came running into the Colmado . All of a sudden the owner of the place tore off his glasses and came out from the counter and jumped on the guy. The space is really small so all the guys around were falling to the ground while the owner was pouncing on the drunk guy. The guys that were all involved picked the drunk up off the floor and some others got between the owner and the drunk. All within a very confined space. They took the drunk outside and the owner (I thought his face was going to explode as he gets really red when he gets angry) went back behind the counter. This skinny, tall drunk was jumping around and the guys were almost holding him off the ground as he was doing his yelling and punching the air (yes, he was that drunk). A few times he and the interveners went to the ground but they got him under control. They took him home with the mother following.

When the drunk was gone then the machismo stuff started. All the men were telling their side of the story, at least 10 times over. My Amiga and I were watching from the patio and laughing at them. They looked like a flock, herd, gaggle, whatever you call a bunch of roosters hanging out trying to make the most noise over the next rooster. They were all laughing and sharing their versions. It was quite comical.

About an hour later the drunk guy returned, with his mother close behind, to apologize and shake everyones hand. He went back home to sleep it off and of course the men had more to talk about loudly.

I have seen this scenario happen many times in Dominican Republic with only one time the fight getting out of hand. Usually it is just some sort of show for everyone to watch (sometimes get involved in) and to discuss in detail for the rest of the day. Quite an interesting phenomena.

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