Independence Day Parade 2009 on the Malecon

>The parade this year seemed to be a little smaller than the other years. It started late which is sort of the norm for things in this country. While everyone was waiting the crowd was so anticipating the parade that when 3 pelicans flew overhead everyone cheered. It was too funny. Finally the president showed up (here is a picture of him in the jeepeta not that great of a pic but its the side of his head at least. He is on the passenger side).

presidente lionel arrives at the parade 2009

The crowds were big and all seemed to enjoy, especially the troops from days gone (video here) by and the airplane show (sorry, didn’t get that on video). I was very close to the platform where the President was. It was a great position for taking pictures but the crowd got so large and everyone was squishing in. It was really hot and sweaty and there were people so close I could feel someones breath down my neck and kids were climbing around my legs, I had to get outta there. Guess I’m just getting too old for all that stuff. But it was nice and I got some pictures and videos to share.

I’ll post all the pictures soon on the web site in the picture section here

For more information about Independence Day and our Founding Father Juan Pablo Duarte check this out.

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