Duarte Day 2009

>Today, January 26, is Duarte Day in Dominican Republic.

Celebrating the birth of The Father of the Country or in Spanish Padre de la patria. The day is celebrated with a parade of different military groups and some school children. They all meet at Duarte Park and honor Juan Pablo Duarte with some speeches, music and by placing wreaths around the statue.

These are some pictures I took today.

In front of the Juan Pablo Duarte monument parque duarte colonial zone
In front of the monument

Military band in duarte park
Military band playing the Himno a Juan Pablo Duarte/ The Hymn to Juan Pablo Duarte

military observing duarte day


dog watching Duarte Day celebrations
I love this picture with the dog sitting and joining in the ceremony

More information on who Duarte is and what he did for Dominican Republic at www.colonialzone-dr.com/people_history-Duarte.html

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