My 49th Birthday

>Well, as usual I’m behind on writing on my blog. Can you regular readers please forgive me (It’s not easy when I’m this old to remember everything) and for the non-regular readers maybe you should become regular readers so you could accept this little apology with the regulars.

My daughter (I’m her second mom, we are not blood even though it seems like it sometimes), Janna and her mom Xio made me a little birthday party in the Parque San Jose in Colonial Zone. I’m not really into celebrating my birthday. In USA I usually went camping to hide from all the party people. But here there was just no place to hide and I didn’t want to disapoint my Janna.

It was fun. I even got some pineapple upside down cake and little fancy sandwiches. Thanks Xio, Janna and my neighbors for the party.

I just cannot believe I’m 49. Almost 50! DAMN! I remember when my grandparents were 50 and I thought they were soooo old. Now that I’m almost there it just doesn’t seem that old anymore. funny how perspective changes.

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