Las Mercedes Day Procession Sept. 24, 2008

>The patron saint of Dominican Republic is Las Mercedes (their name for virgin Mary). this day most of the businesses are closed and most people make their way to the church. I am not Catholic so I do not know much of the customs of the Catholic religion but it is very interesting.

The day is celebrated by a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Cerro atop a hill that is close to the city of La Vega. But those who cannot venture to La Vega go to their own church to notice this important religious day.

Here in Colonial Zone all head to the Iglesia y Convento de las Mercedes / The Church and Convent of Our Lady of Mercy (more information about the church here.

I was waiting for the procession to start in front of the church. The people waiting to enter outside the church were all sort of solemn while just a few steps away it was almost a carnival type atmosphere with vendors selling ice cream and popcorn.

I got tired of waiting so I went home. Then about an hour later I heard the band in the street and got to view the procession from my own balcony.

This is the video I took. I tried to do some zooming in on the statue of Las Mercedes but just couldn’t get close enough. Sorry for the camera movement. My video taking skills are not the best.

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  1. >Really heart touching, I have been inspired by this and will follow these thoughts in my life, will never 4get this…… will become follower of this……..

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