Got My Cedula

>First I may need to explain what a Cedula is. It’s a Dominican identification card. It has a number, your number for everything you do here in DR. Sort of like a Social Security card in USA, but not really.

I have been waiting to save up my centavos to get the $1200 pesos I needed to get my cedula and thus finish my permanent residency process. So I finally got the monies and also the taxi fare that I needed to get to the place to get my little plastic card with my number.

I called in the morning to make sure what documents I needed to bring with me. Some man got on the phone. He spoke a little English which is always much better for me to communicate because I don’t have to think as much and sometimes I really hate to think. So anyhow, I got the information and said thanks. He responds with “Sure baby”. Too funny. A government office and the man calls me baby. I knew this was going to be an interesting day.

I got all the stuff I needed and, I don’t like carrying my passport because if it does get stolen it’s a real pain to replace. So I stuck all the documents and passport down the front of my pants. Most people will never go there if they are going for a quick rob job. I called the taxi. Got in the front seat (I usually always go for the front seat, I don’t like riding in the back unless I really have to do so)and was off.

When I got there I asked where I was to go and someone directed me to an office but it was the wrong one. So I finally got to the right place and went in. All the people were there with their lawyers. I was alone. The guy greeting people asked me for my passport (which I had already removed from my pants because I didn’t want to do that in front of people and it was a bit wet from sweating so I wanted to try and get it a little dry). The man took my passport and looked at how wet it was. Me using my mouth before thinking (remember I said I didn’t like to think much) said it was sweat because I had it in my pants. He laughed and smelt my passport! He held it to his nose and breathed deep! He said it smelled good. I was in shock and responded “At least it didn’t smell like fish”. He was laughing hard and his face turned red. Well, he started it trying to be cute with me so I had to give it back,,,correct?

Well, after he returned my wet sweet smelling passport I had to go and pay the taxes and return to the office for my picture. I was all sweaty and my picture looked bad but I didn’t care. I hate getting pictures taken. But I got my cedual. It was really fast. Not like the last time I went and the computers went down and I ended up waiting for about 2 hours.

Got the taxi outside of the building for the ride home. Thank goodness that taxi was air conditioned.

3 thoughts on “Got My Cedula

  1. >Hahahaha I loved your article!
    I'm dominican so I know how special this country is!
    Good luck with the rest of your life and adventures in DR!

  2. >i got my cedula is the funniest article i ever read however i glad you become dominican resident. i really like the way you make you articles about you adventure in DR is the way i can reminisce my past .. this Alan from New Hampshire .thank you very much

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