Camera Stolen

No more new pictures for a while. My camera is gone and have to save up my centavos to get another so it may be a while before I have new pictures.

I was at the Puerta de la Misericordia taking pictures Saturday evening during the big street party for Lionel winning the presidency again. There was lots of people everywhere. The purple flags were waving and all the political campaign music was playing (I had a great video but oh well). I had my camera guarded in my pants but I was taking a video of the street party when some guy came up behind me. He grabbed the camera from my hand and threw it with all his might into the air. I turned around and he was standing there. I thought he was joking and checked behind his back asking “OK, where’s my camera?” He said it’s gone and laughed. Well, needless to say, I got angry. I gave him a full force slap across his face! He still had that shitty smile on his face and that really pissed me off. I grabbed my drink and threw it in his face and the next thing I knew I was in the fighting mode. I punched him straight on in the face! I can’t believe I really punched a man in the face! I think I was as shocked with myself as he was. He put his hand on my neck (I thought he just put his hand on my neck, but the next day a large bruise appeared on my neck so I guess it was more than him just putting his hand on my neck but when the adrenalin flows I didn’t feel the pain…until later). This made me more aggressive and I punched him in the side of his head two times! By this time the 2 acquaintances I was talking to saw what was happening and one grabbed me and the other stepped between us. They didn’t know the guy threw my camera. It was so fast no one saw it happen. When the guys came to stop the fight the camera thrower ran away. By the time I explained what the thief did he was gone.

The friends and I went to the houses across the street to see if they would let me check their roofs and balconies. Only 1 person was home and we checked the entire roof and balcony and the camera was not there. I left my number with him and his wife in case they found the camera.

I had some really good videos and some great pictures of the days events on my camera. but oh well, what can I do? Just accept it. At least I stood up for myself, what ever good that did. Maybe the camera thrower was hurting for a few days (my punching shoulder and hand hurt for a few days) after and he’ll think twice the next time he wants to mess with a Gringa!

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    hope you get back your camera by the time you read this!

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