Funny Lables – conditioner

>I bought a bottle of leave in conditioner a few days ago. I was reading the label and it was just too funny I had to share.

(the brand of conditioner-I don’t want to mention the brand) “is an especially cream formula for conditioned, repair and protetion maximum of hair. Ours components conditioned, hydrates, protections and actuates differents capillaries capes aported of the hair to shine and volume repaired totally.
Application mode: Use uniformetly over to hair or humedity customer cumb it how you prefer. DO NOT MOVE IT.
The multifunctional products for:
*Dryer protection. Protect against chemical process + wave, tint, etc.
*Protection for climatic effect: Sun, Augamarine, and chlorophyll or another.
*Contribution the especial hydrate brillant.
*Intensive capillary repair.
*That especial for dryer with a blower and roll
*The aported of inmense volume.
*Protective rupture hair “

This is exactly how it was written. The product is great but the instructions, well, I just use it how I think best.

When I come across more I’ll let you know.

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