Independence Day February 27,2008

>I know I haven’t posted in a while. I have no excuse except to say I really didn’t realize that it has been this long of a time. Sorry….

Here are a few videos and pictures I took along the Malecon in Santo Domingo on Independence Day during the Military Parade. I use my digital camera for the videos. I don’t have a real video camera (it’s on the list…jejej). But at least you can get a feel about how the parade looked. Soon I will make a slide show of all the pictures I took that day but for now here is a sample.

I just love a man in uniform…

There are 12 pictures in this slide show

The Marine Band…

The Air Force Band…I think..

The Horse Riders

The acrobat Motor riders..I wish it was brighter and that I caught them doing their stunts. just pretend all that is here..jejej

Carnival videos next….

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