Neighborhood Christmas Party

Last night was the Navidad party for the neighborhood. It was a really great time. There were 2 different bands that played (I can’t remember their names) and they were really good. they played Christmas music as well as the dance music. The Christmas music here when I first heard it, I had no idea it was Christmas music. I had never heard Christmas songs that had he merengue music with them. Now I can’t imagine Navidad without hearing at least a few merengue Christmas carols.
It was a little cold last night as some of my neighbors and I were waiting for everyone to walk to the next block to join in the fun. but after we got there, in the big crowd, I was happy I didn’t put on a long sleeved shirt. I was sweating bad! Especially after doing some dancing.
It was good seeing all the old neighbors. Some that had moved away while I was in USA were there as well. I thought I lost touch with them forever but last night I saw many of them again. many of the people that stay in their homes most of the time, the older ladies and home bodies always come out for the neighborhood party. I love seeing an older woman dancing with a teenager. I even danced with this great grandfather type man and I couldn’t keep up with him! After 2 dances I had to go and rest a bit. he was still ready to dance so he asked the next girl he say and kept going. bless his good strong heart and legs!
I love Christmas here in my little town. All the Dominican families visiting for the holidays. the streets are full of people talking and enjoying. The lights, even though there are not as many as in the years past, are beautiful. the Christmas foods…yummm. The neighborhood park is near a church and they always seem to have Christmas music flowing out from the windows into the park which makes sitting there with the Christmas tree lit feel so much like Christmas even if there is no snow. Another thing I really like here is they have no problem having a manger scene in public places. Even the government offices they have the manger set up. I love seeing this. It is one thing that I always felt bad about in USA. They don’t permit the creche to be displayed in government places. It is not “politically correct”. Yet it is Ok to have Santa and the reindeer. I just cannot understand this. But it is all good. I am here and don’t have to deal with that politically correct crap anymore (I hope).
More Christmas/ Navidad stuff and pictures soon..
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