Subtropical Storm OLGA

>This storm left much of Santiago area devastated. They opened the Taveras Dam on the Rio Yaque Del Norte releasing about 5000 cubic meters or water per MINUTE in the middle of the night causing many people to be caught unaware. Having to leave their homes fast in the middle of the night without any electricity to see must have been terrible.
There are pictures of people standing atop their homes and one of a person sitting in a tree with fast running water surrounding it.
Here is a video taken on the Puente Hnos. Patino bridge spanning the Rio Yaque Del Norte.

Here is a link to a thread on DR1 with many pictures.
This picture has circles where there are people stranded.
Here is the link where there are many more pictures taken this morning in the barrio of Bella Vista in Santiago that are just amazing to view.
This video is from the television just to show the force of the water as it was being let out of the damn

I just cannot believe the government did this without warning the people better. There have been lives lost. Who is responsible?

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