Singer With a Dagger

Sunday I worked on my web site as usual. After I met a friend, Odalis, the owner of Cafe de Toi. We went to visit a friend of hers.

On the way back in the taxi we met another friend and got into her Jepetta for the ride back to the bar. Standing in the road was someone whom I thought was a nice guy. I talked to him before and Odalis knew him also. He is a well known singer in the area, Luis Dias. We pulled over to say hi to him. Odalis was going to buy him a beer.

This man turned crazy! He started swearing and yelling at us. He came to the window while yelling. He pulled out this big Bowie-dagger knife and started waving it around!

I was in the back seat and just opening the window to say hi. Odalis yelled as he moved the dagger into the window, very close to her. She put her purse in front of it and yelled for the driver to get out of there FAST! I just caught a glimpse of the knife as it was being waved about and I closed my window as fast as the thing would go up.

We drove away as this wild Luis Dias was yelling and waving the knife around like a lunatic.

It all happened so fast but we were all a bit shaken up and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had spoken to Luis a few times in the past and he was very nice to me. He was in Odalis bar a few times and she was friends with him. For him to act in this fashion we just could not understand. He was out of his mind!

I sure hope I never see him again, if so I will not greet him and will get out of his way fast until he apologises. I will never go to another concert of his and I really enjoy his music. Too bad.

So just beware of people you think you know as you just really never know what mind altering drug or drink they may be using at the time.

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