11/4 Sunday Walkabout

>On Sundays I always liked to walk around where ever my big feet would take me. I loved walking with my dog Sniffy. Now Sniffy is gone my walk abouts are a bit different. No one to talk to as when I walked Sniffy I had to tell her directions since she had no eyes.
So my first walkabout without Sniffy was a bit sad at first. I took my camera in case I saw something picture worthy. I ended up going to Calle las Damas checking the prices of the different monuments to add the info to my web site.
I ran into some people I knew and talked a while. Then I headed to Casa del Reales. The entire time I lived here in the past I never went into a museum so I decided to do a little research. I started talking to one of the guides in the place. We sat together in the window of the museum and talked. We got some chicharones (Fried pork skins. One can usually purchase these in the streets carried on the shoulders of street vendors. Topped with a special vinegar sauce or lĂ­mon these are very greasy, not that good for you. But they are sooo tasty that once you have tried them you won’t be able to resist making the guy stop to sell you a little bit) and had a soda.
Some people from Peru wanted him to be their guide and he invited me along to listen. He really knew his stuff. He went into detail of the history of the country with dates included. I was really impressed as it is hard for me to remember the year I was born (just joking). So we worked out a deal for when I get a tourist that wants alot of history info I can pay him to help me take them around.
After the tour we were talking again and a friend, Buddy (Buddy has let me use many of his pictures on my web site), passed by. He was out on a picture taking walk. So we joined forces and I showed him some of my favorite picture taking spots.
We ended up at the Ruinas del Montasterio de San Francisco. I love that spot especially at night with the lights shining on it. I was looking in the gate and the watchman came around. I told him I had a web site of the Zone and Buddy was my photographer and he let us in to take some pictures.
Then of course we had to stop at the Colmado there for a beer after the hard work of picture taking. lol.
We walked to the other side of the Ruins and enjoyed some more conversation with some locals then walked on.
There were these people eating outside their door and as we passed I said hello, as I always do. They invited us in for lasagna and a few beers. We had a great dinner and met some really nice people. They may be my normal Sunday stop from now on.
We fed ourselves, talked a bit. Buddy took some pictures of the family and will give them these pictures at a later date. Then we walked on. Stopped in another Colmado for a beer then we went our separate ways to our own homes.
It was a great day.
Here are a few of the pictures I took.

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