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I haven’t posted for a while. Trying to get my apartment together. Seeing old friends. Getting my computer connected in my friends office. It all takes time. Then I had a client here for a week and had too much fun showing him around. I love being a tour guide and sharing the country I love with others.

I finally arrived in the airport Oct. 7 in the evening. I had 2 extra pieces of luggage so it took some time picking it all up. I had it all piled on the cart. I couldn’t see over the top of the pile so I was pushing, laughing and trying to watch for people around the sides of the pile.
Then a lady directed me to where they check the luggage. I didn’t want to open all the boxes and luggage as all was packed perfect, each was the exact weight I was permitted.
They opened the box with my tower computer. she looked in and waved me on. They didn’t want to open all the boxes. Thank goodness.
My friend Bu (name change to protect the innocent) was waiting for me. I, as usual, was about the last person out.
We went straight for the restaurant closest to the airport for my first beer. It was sooo cold and as wonderful as I remembered. I tried a Presidente light as they didn’t have that when I lived here before. Not bad but the regular Presidente still tastes best. Bu and I had some dinner and great conversation.
Since it was late I didn’t want to unload my stuff into my room at that hour so he let me stay in his businesses apartment.
It was so beautiful. Malecon Central. The view was great. The Caribbean and the entire view of the city from high above the world. I felt like I was rich.
The next morning Bu dropped me off at my room. I entered and it was a complete mess. The room was good but all my stuff was there in boxes and strewn around. It smelt bad after being stored in a garage for almost 3 years. But it was all there and I was happy.
My friend Felix watched my things for the time I was in USA. He got the keys to the place I found to rent and had it all there for me when I returned. I am so grateful for him. Not many people would keep a persons belongings for that length of time and ask for nothing in return.
I started arranging some stuff. All the clothes needed washed. But it was ok as I gained about 50 pounds while in USA and none of the stuff would fit me anyhow. I do plan on fitting into all again very soon though.
Met my neighbor. A really nice lady and she helped me alot. She is the motherly type. She made me some coffee and we talked a bit. She explained about the water (which I am so happy to have after my last apartment here without water for about 8 months). She explained about the lights and other stuff. The landlord came to meet me and collect the first months rent. He seems like a nice human.
It was time to go to the street. I had to get a phone first thing then go to Mamita and Jimmys place, my Dominican family. I was walking down El Conde and about 4 people stopped me. “Janette, como estas?” “Que gorda!” (Janette, how are you, how fat you are!). At least they asked how I was before they said how fat I got! lol!
Thats one thing I love about the Domincan people. they say exactly what they want without worrying about being politically correct.
I entered the Galeria. Mamita was happy to see me. Willy and the others working were all happy also. But noone was as happy as I was just to be here again where I feel most comfortable.
Jimmy went and got a few beers and we stood at Jimmys Bar and had a few and talked and caught up on all the good stuff. It was just like I had never left. *I need to explain Jimmys Bar. It is across the street from the Galeria. In the shade from the afternoon sun. It is a box where electric lines connect. Perfect height for leaning on. This is what we call Jimmys Bar.
They invited me to their home but I had to get stuff together so I declined. I went to the Cafeteria on el Conde to say hi to some people and still everyone first thing said how fat I got. I know I got fat. They didn’t need to rub it in!
Then I went back to mt room, threw the mat from my sofa cama on the floor and went to sleep. I was home. My own place in my adopted country. Lots of work ahead of me but it was all good.

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