Seems I Found A Home

>As I said before I am coming back home to Dominican Republic. Count down is on!! 21 more days until my big feet touch the Dominican Republic tierra.
I have been trying to find a place to live while I’m still in USA so I don’t have to spend the extra money staying in a hotel. Well I have been searching and asking everyone I know to watch out for a place for me for the least amount of money possible as I don’t want to spend too much money at first until I get myself organized and figure out just how much money I will be making.
So anyhow, I found a place. I called about it and we got the basic information communicated. Since I’ve been in USA there are not many people to practice my Spanish with so it is getting a bit rusty and it really was not very good to start with. But I got the basic information and told the guy my friend would come and look at the place for me.
Mamita (my friend – family in DR) went and checked it out . She said it was OK. Not the best but for sure not the worst. But I figure since it is in my price range and its OK it is better than a cardboard box in the street (Which my box would be laid out as I do know a box manufacture in DR…jejej). It’s a room in a large house in the area where I want to live. 1 block from Calle el Conde in Colonial Zone. I would have access to the home and can put my things throughout the home. Like my wash machine on the patio, my sofa in the living room and my stuff in the kitchen. There is also a large balcony. It sounds OK for the time being. The only thing I.m not comfortable with is sharing the bathroom. But this will have to be the way it is until I find something better.
I will for sure have to change some of my habits as I will be in a home with outer humans. It will be another challenge. One of the many I’ve had since I’ve discovered DR. I am sort of looking forward to this challenge. It will teach me some things I’m sure. I may learn a bit more about the country I have grown to love and have adopted ads my own.
My friend is going today to give the apartment people my deposit and to get the keys. The next step is trying to get my belongings moved into the place while I am still in USA. My belongings are being kept by a friend. I have to organize him and another friend with the truck to get my minimal belongings moved. Not sure if it will work out the way I hope..I’ll keep you all informed.

2 thoughts on “Seems I Found A Home

  1. >Hi Janette. I admire your courage to move to DR. I am seriously thinking about it myself. I am 51 and semi-retired, single, female. I was looking into moving to the Las Terrenas area. I hear it is about to be developed and there are still some good deals to be had. I will be visiting again in December. Good luck to you.

  2. >Hola Janette, te deseo mucha suerte para tu vuelta a la RD!
    Soy una enamorada de tu pais, y la aqui 2 semanitas voy a ir a descubrir tu pais fuero de los complejos hotelarias..!

    Un abrazo

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