My Return

>I’m coming home!!! I can’t believe it is really going to happen. I will be returning to Dominican Republic to live again. To get my life back.
I am trying to find a studio or regular small apartment with electricity included in the Colonial Zone or surrounding area. It needs to be not expensive as I am not exactly sure what my income will be and I don’t want to stress out when the rent comes due each month. So if anyone knows a place please let me know. I need to have it all in place for sure by the first week in October.
So there will be many new adventures added to this blog regularly. I know I will be having many more stories to tell.
This video represents the way I feel. Not happy, wandering aimlessly, feeling lost and lonely. Until my little hands find the Presidente cerveza (which can also represent Dominican Republic not just a bien fria). Soon my little hands will be happy again. Returning to my island.

One thought on “My Return

  1. >Congratulations Jan see “Good things come to those who wait” You had to wait some time but now You’ll be there where you wanted to be. I wish You the Best of Luck in Santo Domingo and La Virgen de Altagracia be with You, I’m very happy for You.Angel from L.I. New York. Ps: Stay away from those who like to show their Pipis.(remember??)

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