First Bus Ride to Boca Chica

>I wanted to go to the beach. I had asked different friends, always they didn’t want to go. I had been trying to get to a beach for about a month and I finally decided to take the bus. I had never ridden a bus on my own before. In fact, I had only ever been on a bus a few times (other than the yellow school bus I rode for 12 years back and forth to school).
I asked a neighbor where to get the bus, also known as a Guagua. I knew in general where it was. Sort of near Enriquillo Park of of Duarte some place, I knew the general direction. I was going to walk instead of paying a taxi (I figured a taxi ride would be 2 1/3 beers and I’d rather have the beer) I could use the exercise. The neighbor took me to the public car route a half block away. He told the driver something, gave him some pesos (yes, he paid), and I got in.
The driver took me directly to the bus. The express bus too. Which was great because I would have never known the difference. A bus is a bus is a bus.
The area was chaotic. There were humans everywhere. Hustle and bustle. I had no idea what was happening. All I wanted was a bus to the beach. Was that too much to ask?
I saw a bus with a header that said Boca Chica. Yeah! I was getting somewhere. I asked the man loading the people onto the bus like they were cattle. Is this the express bus for Boca Chica in my broken Spanish. He says “Yea, yea lady. Get in” (in English). I hate when people do that. It was like he really didn’t hear my question or care what I had to say. He just wanted the fare and herded this heifer into the bus.
It was an OK bus. There was an inkling of air conditioning. Not dirty like many of the other buses waiting to load. Comfy and not too crowded. Until the rest of the herd burst on board. The bus full to the seams.
I was sitting next to a lady carrying all these brooms, mops and buckets. They were all new. I just didn’t understand why she took a bus to the capital to buy these items when I’m sure any store carried them. But she was happy. Of course, I was the only Gringa on board.
The broom lady and I started talking. I helped her hold some of her items. She was really nice, even though I didn’t understand all what she was saying. Usually when someone says something I don’t understand I ask them to use a different word that I may understand. But I found many people didn’t know any other words, only the ones they were using. She was one of those “only one-word” persons.
But we communicated and laughed. Every time the bus stopped I asked if that’s where I was to get off. She kept putting her hand up giving me the stay signal. She got off in route, before the beach stop. She told the guy working the door, the loader, that I wanted the beach and for him to help me. They said something else had a little chuckle, I’m sure at my expense. But I smiled and thought that if the hooves-shoes were exchanged I’d probably have a little chuckle myself at the Rubia with no clue.
But I got there. The herder man told me where to go and when to get the last bus back. He was really helpful after all.
I got out of the bus and was on my way to the beach. All alone. My first time on the beach by my self. I was so excited for the adventure.
Heres some information on how to take the bus from Santo Domingo (near Parque Enriquillo) to Boca Chica.
A little more information on Boca Chica, The World’s Largest Bathtub”

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