Movie Review – Intimate Stories / Historias Minimas

Intimate Stories (2002) originally named Historias Minimas / Minimal Stories (Spanish with English subtitles) This movie is very uneventful but I considered it to be one of the better movies I have seen. It brings 3 people (and a baby) together who have nothing in common other than they are traveling to the same area, San Julián in the deserted and desolate southern Argentinean region of Patagonia. Each traveling on their own, their paths cross, as do their stories and dreams, throughout their separate journeys along these lonely roads.

The 80-year-old man was tired of his life running a grocery store. He snuck away to search for his dog that ran away, he thinks because of something he did. Someone told him they saw the dog so off he goes hitchhiking, he can’t drive because he is almost blind, his way into the lives of the other travelers.

The traveling salesman who seems to have a crush on a widow lady overheard it was her child’s birthday so he goes out of his way to get a cake. He wants to impress her with this cake and tell her of his love for her. Not knowing if the child is a boy or girl, the cake is changed a few times throughout the movie from a boys cake to one a bit more generic.

Then there is the single mother and her baby. She won a ticket to participate in a game show and could win a food processor. She was so obsessed with the TV and the chance of winning something, even though she has no money, she took off to seek her fortune and her dream.

The director, Carlos Sorin, used mostly non-professional actors in this wonderful film. The peoples lives blend so perfectly with the scenery in this movie. It is filmed on many lonely, desolate roads in the Patagonia region. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the area and the colors of the sky were enthralling.

This road movie shows the spirit of people trying to make a dream, no matter how small, come true. Through humor, generosity, determination and a good spirit, these people are very likable and honest. This movie is simple and enchanting with no special effects or action scenes. Watching it made me smile and feel good remembering it does not take that much to be truly happy.

The film won the Special Prize of the Jury in the 2002 San Sebastián Film Festival. The winner of the 2003 Los Angeles Latino Film Festival.

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