United States (Thinks) They Have Claims on the Term America

This has really bothered me when I started learning about other cultures and peoples. Why does the people of the United States call their country America? Why are they (we) known the world over as Americans. It just does not make sense to me and it bothers me.

I know there are more important problems in the world to worry about. This really doesn’t matter, but it still bothers me. I am really trying to stop calling USA America, it is not easy. It still slips out sometimes before I catch myself. Since there is more than 1 America I don’t understand why the US has the monopoly on the word. And yes, for the United States humans that think the world is all about them and that United States is all that counts in the scheme of things, there is more than one America. What a revelation. .

There is North, Central And South America. They are all the Americas. I’m not really up on my geography stuff. How many countries are in the American? (I just answered my own question and did a search. So for yours and mine information – if you care here it is. There are 12 countries and 3 territories in South America, 14 countries and 12 territories in the Caribbean, 7 countries in Central America, and 3 in North America = 36 countries and 15 territories in “The Americas”) So why does the United States get the right to call themselves Americans?

I have posted this on a few forums but it still bothers me when I hear people say “I’m from America” or “The American people…” when referring to US of A. There has to be another name. Can’t say North America (North American) because this includes Canada and Mexico. Can we be called United Statesians? Or maybe in Spanish estados unidano or estados unidana, depending on gender? Saying United Stated of American is just to long. I have been trying to come up with a word because (the word) American must go!!

If anyone has ideas please send them> I will for sure publish the comments/replies. Just as long as they are not completely rude.

3 thoughts on “United States (Thinks) They Have Claims on the Term America

  1. >The BIG problem is everyone else calls us Americans/Americanos. They need to change all of their dictionaries, etc.

    It also didn’t help that most immigrants to ‘the new world’ most often went to the United States.. and often referred to it as ‘America’ and later ‘Americans’.

    I don’t think its a problem with Americans being ethnocentric.. its just that way too many of the worlds immigrants chose to specify and use the language of ‘American’ to refer only to the United States.

  2. >The correct way in Spanish will be: “Estadounidense”. At least that’s how its printed in Spanish Newspapers. Angel Lazaro form Long Island, NY.

  3. >The correct way in Spanish will be: “Estadounidense”. At least that’s how its printed in Spanish Newspapers. Angel Lazaro form Lomg Island, NY.

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