A Lynching

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More and more You see in the Dominican newspapers (example Celebrate killing of mugger by drinking and dancing that people are taking the law into their own hands. It happened before but it seems to me to be reported more these days. Maybe because of the law about the alcohol selling places not being permitted to sell alcohol after midnight (2 on weekends). Maybe its because the crime rate has risen. Or could it just be the media or government wanting focus brought on their issues. Whatever the reason its in the papers I’m happy about it.
I’m glad when people take a stand and take the law into control when the people that are supposed to be taking care of enforcing the law don’t do it, or can’t do it. I like when the people do it. It makes the criminals maybe think a little more before they commit a crime. Maybe.
Anyhow…back to my story. On Sundays I usually went walking to unknown regions with my best friend, the blind wonder dog Sniffy. I wasn’t feeling like walking really because my back had been hurting bad. But I hadn’t taken her out for even a little walk in days. Only to the park to take care of her business and to the local Colmado. And I did promise her to take her on a walk. I have o keep my promises especially to my best friend. So we started off. Made a left out the apartment door and headed toward the basketball court and was going to head up to Colon Park area.
As we were just passing a little Colmado a group of men were running towards us. There had to be at least 20, probably more. A motor bike was in the lead of these men and a man was running out ahead of them. I was standing on the sidewalk watching these guys running, coming from the basketball area. A lady I always said hi to came to her door and motioned me to get into the Colmado and she pointed to the lone guy in the lead with a look of danger on her face. I did not hesitate and Sniffy and I went into the Colmado. The patrons of the Colmado were blocking the doorway so we had to push our way into the place as they stood in the doorways watching what was coming up the street.
I had no idea what was going on and tried to ask the man working in the Colmado, who I knew, what was happening as I also asked for a beer to drink since I was there. He ignored me and went to the door with the rest of the crowd. Another lady I knew told me and as best as I could understand. The man on the motor bike and the lead running man stole a cell phine from a guy playing basketball. The man on foot was the grabber and he was to jump on the back of the bike after the grab. Well, I guess the men in the basketball court got to the grabber before he made it to the bike. They were off after him. The driver fled ahead of the grabber on foot and left him. So all the men in the basketball court and the onlookers went after the Grabber.
As the group of chasers passed by the Colmado a man on a bicycle was in the lead and almost had the Grabber.
They had made it past the Colmado by now. All the onlookers were making their way into the middle of the street to get a better look at what was about to happen. All the dogs on the neighborhood were barking along with my Sniffy. She didn’t see but she did hear the noise of the yelling angry mob that was in the street. I had to go and peek out the door and have a look. But before I did I went and helped myself to a beer since the workers were too busy seeing what was happening.
I went to the doorway to watch since it was clear because everyone else was in the street watching. The Grabber was overtaken. The bicycle guy pushed him down and he was quickly overtaken. I couldn’t see what was happening because the Grabber was surrounded and his head disappeared so I knew he was down in the street being beaten unmercifully.
Then they were all coming back. I noticed a few sticks and a baseball bat in the group. They had the Grabber, holding on to him, his feet were not touching the ground. He didn’t look in very good shape at all. They all went back to the basketball court and down the hill. Most of the people in the Colmado followed. The worker guys returned to their post and I got Sniffy her little bag of water and her plastic cup to drink it out of along with her piece of bread (pan de auga). I was all curious about what was happening but it was like the moment passed and it was over. As if it was a normal happening and no big deal. I wanted details of the event but it seemed that it just wasn’t important to anyone.
I kept watching out the door to see the observers at street lever watching down into the basketball court. I wanted to go look but I didn’t know what would happen and with Sniffy being blind she gets a little nervous in large wild crowds.
So I finished my beer as many of the people filtered back into the Colmado. About a half hour later 5 men passed holding up a bloody faced man heading up to the police station at the Alcazar. They were going to give him to the police I guess. This the third passing of the mob, although much smaller, didn’t even get a glance by the Colmado crowd.
So I paid for Sniffy and my drinks and we continued our walk up the hill to Colon Park and continued on with the day as usual.

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