Meeting my first Dominican Family

OK…Where was I? While online, I had ICQ, and some guy wanted to talk. He lived in DR so since I was always friend finding I talked to the guy. Ended up, after we conversed awhile, that we had crossed each others paths before from a message board we both had frequented. And, too funny, his family was originally from the same area in Pennsylvania where I was born. He lived in Santo Domingo for about 20 years and had a business in Zona Colonial and his Dominican wife had a Galeira there also.

He offered to help me out with some of those hard questions I had about how to survive in Dominican Republic and told me to come by the gallery any time and hang out and have a beer or 6. I decided to take him up on the offer one day and made the trek in a public car from where I was living at the time, Enchanse Julietta. Normally I just walked to Colonial Zone but this day I decided to be try something new.

I finally got to their gallery without much trouble and met Jimmy and Mamita. Who would have ever thought they would become my closest friends in the country and Mamita and I would become like sisters.

At first I wasn’t sure about meeting Jimmys wife because I heard about how Dominican women are very jealous and I didn’t want any trouble. I was so used to having men friends my whole life that I just figured it would be the same in DR and the women wouldn’t consider me as a threat the same as in USA. With Mamita it was great! Her and I bonded right away. We even thought somewhat the same for coming from 2 different cultures. And Jimmy had a plethora of info about how to survive the daily life in the country. Loved them both right away.

That day was a good time. We got some beer, sat in the gallery and talked away. Mamita and I enjoyed standing in the door way of the gallery and people watching, which was always one of my favorite things to do. We would laugh at all the humans and she would tell me their histories. She taught me lots of Dominicanismos and the famous Dominican lip and nose talk.
They are both great humans and I’m so thankful they took me into their family and made this crazy Americana one of them. We have had our little tiffs and our special moments just like a real family. I think Mamita and I are related in some lost-line type way…jejejej.

I remember that day when I left the gallery to go back and get a public car before it got dark. It started raining as I got to the place at Independencia park to get a ride back. It was raining hard so I decided to wait it out and had me a beer. Started talking, as usual (my grandmother always says I have diarrhea of the mouth!), to some guy that wanted to practice his English. He ended up being some kind of police. He and his friend offered to take me home on his motor bike. I didn’t like riding them but they promised to go slow for me and not do any zig-zag movements.

The rain stopped for what I thought was for the ride home. Well, I was wrong, it came down harder than before. I had an umbrella and took it out and was holding it over the three of us on the bike. The guy did go very slow for me, thank goodness. But it didn’t matter much. We were soaked and dirty. I was laughing so hard. What else was I to do? Get upset about it or just take it and laugh about it. So I did as I usually do and laughed.

We got to my place and stood under the patio. The guys wouldn’t go! This is when I thought, ohoh, I may have made a booboo. I wanted to loose these guys and didn’t want them to see which door I went into. Cause if they did try something I for sure couldn’t call a police cause the guy was police! So I decided the only way to get rid of them was to give them my umbrella so they got the idea they weren’t coming in the house. And those poops! Took my fav umbrella and left! I liked that umbrella. But I was rid of them. Soaking wet. And had learned much that day about living in my new country.

All was good…

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