Colonial Zone Dominican Republic Casandra Award Nominees

>Colonial Zone Dominican Republic Casandra Award Nominees
Just saw the Casandra Awards Nominees. It’s good to see my close friend, Juan Cuevas on the list for best classical vocals. You go Uncle Juan!!

My first Christmas in Dominican Republic was very interesting. I really didn’t have a boyfriend to hang out with his family. Many of my friends came through and included me in their celebrations.
A lawyer friend of mine (who was helping me to get my residencia) took me with him to his families home. They were really nice people and had some great food.
Juan Antonio (the man I was with when Sniffy got hit) came and took me to the park and we had a great time. People kept thinking we were tourists, when hex 100% Dominican. In a Colmado they even tried to charge him tourist prices for a beer. Then when he swore at them in typical Dominican Spanish the price suddenly went down. I learned a lot that day along with some new words to add to my vocabulary..jejee.
Many of the people I met on the computer came and took me out also. All in all it was good and I really didn’t miss my old home at all.
I even got to meet the DR1 people at our Christmas party. That was fun meeting some of the people that told me not to move to the country. They told me I’d never last more than 3 months. They thought I was an old lady with my little dog. So I had to wow them a bit. I wore my little black dress and then I was much thinner. This was before I had to have at least a presidente beer a day. We discusses all the important things for example, what was a raccoon pecker (they are always hard by the way), where exactly was the town of Mars, and many more things very important to life as one knows it. I enjoyed meeting these people much.
I did have my computer hooked up by this time so on those boring nights I was on line talking. I liked to go out and walk at night instead of sitting at home but in Julietta it just didn’t feel safe. They who lived here all stayed inside their gates and didn’t hang out in the streets like in the areas I was used to. The streets were dark and people-less so I couldn’t go out far from home. I hated paying for a taxi unless it was necessary. Have to set your priorities when it comes to spending money.
But it was all good. I did have a lot of company and my neightbors were really nice people. My one neighbor was from Trinidad-Tobago and she was a very interesting human for sure.
One thing I didn’t understand was there were no Christmas carols. Later I did find out that they just don’t sound like the ones we have in USA. So much to learn.
I learned how to do all my laundry by hand also. I thought my hands were going to fall off. Especially trying to wring out bed sheets. That was really tough. But I did it until I decided it was time to go out and buy my first Dominican wash machine.

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