Dominican Republic Pastimes, Baseball, Beisbol

Dominican Republic Pastimes, Baseball, Beisbol

Looks as if the Tigres de Licey won the baseball playoffs again this year. The first year I was in Dominican Republic for this event I was living in a more residential area and didn’t really get to experience the full effect of a team winning. The second year when I lived in the Colonial Zone I was amazed. It doesn’t even matter which team wins. All that matters is someone won and it’s time to have a good time.

I was on the computer in the house talking to a Dominican Friend on line. All of a sudden there arose such a clatter (sounds like Santa was on the roof?)outside on the Malecon..this is the main street running along the sea. I went out to the balcony to see what was happening. I saw sparks in the street! FIRE!? was a motorbike dragging a large sheet of metal down the road so as to make sparks and noise in celebration. There were people yelling and hooting. Guns banging! Cars going past decorated with banners. People hanging our of every available opening in those vehicles. Out the windows, sunroofs and even riding on the tops of the cars. I didn’t know what was going on not being a big sport fan.

I got back on the puter and told my friend what was happening. He laughed at me for not knowing. He told me it was about the baseball game and that everyone was heading to the Malecon to celebrate.

Here in USA if all this noise happened after midnoght I’m not sure people would be as forgiving. But in DR it seems that people enjoy no matter what.

My pal asked me if I would like him to come and get me and take me for a ride to see what was going on. The baseball really didn’t matter to me and I was already settling down for the night. I wasn’t really up for going out. But I did feel it was my duty to record this happening and to have another Dominican experience so I said sure. Really I was ready in 5 minutes and excited to get into the celebrating.

We went out and drove around a bit. Got some beer. I took some pictures. Had a great time. Laughed much. It was another Dominican experience I will never forget.

After that first time I wasn’t as shocked with the way people celebrate. But that first time, I will never forget. The pictures. The happy humans. Then trying to explain it all to my American friends so they would understand. You just had to be there to really appriciate it. And I’m so glad I was there.

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