New Years Eve – When Sniffy Lost her Eyes

I forgot a few important things…

When I went to visit Sniffy the first time. I was so afraid. She was laying on the patio. Not moving. I came onto the patio she heard me. She tried to get up. I bent down and she started kissing me. Her head didn’t move much but her tongue was very active! I was so happy. Juan Antonio took pictures. I cannot post them because I do not have them here, they are in Dominican Republic.

Another thing , the veterinarian, he was so good to me. Even though I was American, and supposedly had lots of money. He knew I didn’t have much and he saw how much I loved my dog. He only charged me $600 pesos for a 3 day stay including the medicine! That was unreal. That was maybe $25 US Dollars. Unreal.

OK..back to the present. Gotta go to the Doctors. My hospital visit the other day didn’t seem to work. Something doesn’t seem right so off to the doc. Just my luck!

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