The Last Of The Boxer Shorts Man

Here I am up early again. When I start a project I get sort of obsessed with it. I dream of the project. That’s where the “puddles” came from on the web site I dreamt of them.

I also dreamt of a lot of the jewelry I make. I miss making jewelry. All my jewelry stuff is still in Dominican Republic. In my boyfriends’ garage. Along with most of my belongings. Many of my friends and my Dominican family. But most of all my heart is in DR. Its where I left it for safekeeping. Until I can return.


VIEWS FROM MY BALCONY – The History of the Boxer Shorts Man

He was a professor in a college.
Very intelligent.
Then he started to lose his mind.
He ended up the way I saw him.
I met his nephew.
He told me.
The day he helped me clean the sidewalk.
This was his last day on the earth.
He had a stomach problem.
I heard that he was found.
Taken to hospital.
No one knew who he was.
He died.
It was strange.
About 4 days after he cleaned up after Sniffy.
There was a call to the radio station.
Someone talking about negligence in the hospitals.
A lady talking about her brother dying.
My friend said to me she felt it was my friend they were talking about.
It was.
He died.
I never saw him again.
I just hope I made him happy.
I thank God that I got to know the Boxer Shorts Man.
I will never forget him.

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