Thanksgiving – More Boxer Shorts Man

It’s cold and snowing here today. I dream of my island where it never snows. Sometimes in the mountains there is frost but that’s about it.

So many people in Dominican Republic have never seen snow. They asked me to describe it. Snow is like a blanket on the world. It makes everything so quiet. You can hear long distances, Someone shoveling their sidewalk sounds so loud. Even walking is loud. It’s like there are microphones everywhere amplifying the sounds. The snow makes a squeaking sound when you walk in it. When the sun hits it it sparkles like bits of diamonds are sprinkled all over. It makes a baron brown background change to look so fresh and new.

THEN…..When the snow stops falling and it’s not fresh anymore. You can’t drive. Your back hurts from shoveling. It’s too cold to do anything. Can’t even breathe outside because your nose holes get stuck together. Cars don’t start. The roads are dangerous. Gas and electric bills rise. Toes and fingers are always freezing. Then when you bundle up it gets too hot but if you unbundle your too cold.

So for me. I’d rather just see the snow on TV. I’m glad I got to experience it but I never wanted to see it again. I hope after this winter I never will

Going over the river and through the woods today to Grandma and Grandpa’s place for Thanksgiving dinner. Ought to be a real treat. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!

Views From My Balcony – Strange encounters with the Boxer shorts man

As time passed he would run out to greet me when he saw me.
He would walk past my balcony and smile.
Always trying to tell me something.
I was nice to him.
He started to watch for me during his workouts in the garden.
He bought me sugar cane.
He carried things from the Colmado to my door.
Then I noticed his boxer shorts sticking out.
He was VERY happy to see me.
I did not know what to do.
After this, I tried to avoid him.
I didn’t want to cause him or me problems.
It was difficult.
He was a nice man.
I never went to his house again.
I smiled but tried to keep at a distance.
He didn’t seem to notice.

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