Starting Early today – More Boxer Shorts Man

I finally got a page on my new web site! I was so excited. Life was good. For a little time anyhow.

I was working hard on a page last night and saved it wrong and lost it all. Now have to start again. But its OK. This time I will be a little faster at doing it. Like when I crashed this puter so many times and pals were there to talk me through how do reinstall windows. I’m getting pretty good at it now. Maybe it will be the same with this web site stuff. Maybe someday I can semi-understand all this.

Finally got in touch with my man yesterday. Verizon DR isn’t always that reliable. But I do have to say it is better than the electric (that’s not saying much tho). I call him and always get some human saying the line is busy. It’s a cellular with call waiting so that’s almost impossible. But anyhow, he does receive my text messages (this is great for sending text to a Verizon phone in Dominican Republic) and he called me. It was his birthday on Sunday and I felt so bad I couldn’t even talk to him. Oh well, he knows his country! jeje

So back to work on the site. Hope it all comes out good this day. Porfavor Dios!

In the meantime heres another installment of


Going to Boxer Shorts home

Walking past his home one day.
He came out to greet me.
He asked me to come into his house in his mumbled word way.
I was getting to understand some of what he was saying.
His Spanish.
He wanted to give me some pineapple.
I went into his house.
He had me sit and wait
He went into the kitchen to cut me his precious gift.
I ate the pineapple with him.
Listening to his constant talking.
Smiling when I thought appropriate.
He wanted me to see his TV.
It was in his bedroom.
I was a bit nervous but I followed him.
He was very persistent.
He showed me the remote for the TV
How it functioned.
Promptly after this he took me to the front door and said goodbye.
He gave me a little kiss on the cheek.
As I walked away he watched from his doorway.
He was smiling.

More From The Balcony later

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