I was talking with a puter pal last night. I was telling him about the electricity in DR. Or maybe I should say the lack of electricity in DR.

Living without electric really isn’t as bad as most would think. I usually bought fresh food every day and there was only me and the dog so I didn’t need a big stash of food. I only have one of those college dorm fridges. A half thing. It’s good for me. The biggest problem was getting used to not stocking up on food like I did when I lived in USA. I’d buy the large portions and freeze stuff so I didn’t have to shop much (I hate shopping). I’m also a condiment freak. It takes me 10 minutes just getting all the condiments on the food before I can even start eating. So I had to cut back on condiment usage also. One good thing about a little fridge is that when the power did go out I didn’t have much to lose. The bad thing was the freezer was so small I could only keep ice in it and it took forever for the ice to freeze.

Anyhow..back to the electric. Sin luz. No problemo! When the power went out the people would go to the street. I lived across from a park and the neighbors would all go to the park or sit outside. It was nice knowing and being able to hang out with the neighbors. Not like in USA where most people don’t really know their neighbors. I never wanted to hang with the neighbors in USA but in DR its the thing to do.

So the power goes out its a chance to not be in front of the puter (I call the computer the puter just so you all know) or the TV. I did get some reading done also. It’s a chance to get out. Take a walk. Meet some people.

In the night it does get a little bad. If there are no generators the streets are dark. I used to carry a little flashlight with me in case I was out walking when the power went out then I could see so I didn’t fall in a sidewalk hole! Just stay close to home. Pretend your living in the pioneer days and read by lantern light. Or go to bed early. It can get hot without the fan but sweating is good sometimes. Cleans out the pours.

Have to look at it with a positive attitude. It can’t be changed so just accept it and make the best out of it. I think maybe I was preparing for this move and didn’t know it. I used to camp a lot. The roughing it kind of camping. So maybe all the camping experience was just preparing me for my new life in Dominican Republic.

One never knows where life will lead. And I’m so glad mine led me to DR!

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