Some of what I love of DR

Couldn’t sleep last night. Who knows why.

I’ve been trying to make a web site but just can’t figure it out so a friend told me to start with a Blog. The big problem is I have no idea where to start…I was born…LOL!

Let’s see…Why did I move to Dominican Republic. The weather? The beaches? The people? The beer? Yea..That’s it! The beer is great! But really, I think its the life style there. So many ask me why I would choose a third world country when there are so many other places. I can’t really answer that with a solid reply. It’s just after visiting this country I fell in love with it. When I left my heart stayed behind. It’s still there now. As far as I know it always will be.

It wasn’t a man either. Even though those Dominican men are pretty great. Maybe it’s the attitudes of the people. Most are friendly and giving people. The lifestyle is slow, tranquilo. In general, things move slow. Takes a while to get used to taking life slow. Walking slow is especially difficult. The Dominicans say they can spot a tourist just by the way they walk. Long strides. Walking fast. After living there for a while I noticed this and concentrated on walking slow. It was work at first, very deliberate on my part. But I achieved. When I had to return to USA I really noticed this in the humans here. It’s not easy trying to keep my “Dominican stride” here. But I’m trying.

Anyhow, all I do know is that Dominican Republic is my home. Even if I’m not living there at this time. It is the place I call home and always will. It’s not easy living there but then life anywhere has its ups and downs. For me the good outweighs the bad. The good people outward the bad. I love it. I love my life in DR. I can’t wait to return.

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