Visiting Old Friends

Momma took us to the Colonial Zone for our morning walk today. It’s been at least a month since we got to visit the Zone and our dog friends so Teli and I were really excited. Momma kept apologizing to us for not walking to the Zone but she said that her sciatica is acting up and walking up the hill hurt too much. So, I guess she’s finally feeling better today. Yahoo!

We were so excited to get to go to the Zone this morning!

When we realized we were heading to the Zone we got so excited. All our good and familiar smells. Our dog and human friends. Another big plus is that there are always some good garbage bags to dive into. That is, before momma catches us and makes us stop.

Our friend Dulce is at Parque Colón.

Our first friend we saw was at Parque Colón. Momma calls her Dulce and she loves momma because she always gives our friends treats. I put up with her jumping around because momma likes her. I’m not really a big fan of Dulce.

The famous dog, Negrita, in her place on Calle el Conde.

Walking down Calle el Conde we see Negrita. She is always there in her same old spot. Negrita always greets Teli and I first before she says hi to momma. We like her.

We saw my old buddy Bruiser.

Then, what a suprise! Bruiser and Lady were there! We have not seen Bruiser and his harem in a long time.

Bruiser and I were best buds. We hung out together when I lived in the street. We watched each others backs. We even got castrated together. It was really good seeing him and getting some good sniffin’ in. Oh, and Teli is in love with Bruiser. She is always following him around and circling him.

Zippy heard us barking and she came running to greet us.

Then, all of a sudden, Zippy was there! Our best friend Zippy! She must have heard us barking and carrying on and of, course, she knew it was us. She came running from Parque Duarte where she hangs out to greet us. She has been our friend for many years too. She got sterilized the same time me and Bruiser got castrated. We go way back.

Julio is happy to see us.

We continued on with our walk. Our next friend we saw was Julio. Good ole Julio. Julio was happy to see us and happier to see our momma.

We were heading back home, walking up Calle Las Damas and we spotted our good friend Vago.

We were heading back home, walking up Calle Las Damas and we spotted our good friend Vago taking his morning walk with his dad. Vago is a good friend. His dad says that I am the only male dog that he doesn’t try to fight with. Teli puts up with Vago when she has to. It’s funny to see but every time Vago sees Teli he tried to hump her. He can’t even reach her but he gives it the old Vago try. Teli just walks around trying to escape his advance but she wont run away. I think she secretly likes the

It was a good visit. Momma walked slow returning home, walking up the hill after the long walk to the Zone was hurting her sciatica a little. Teli and I both say thanks to momma for taking us to our old neighborhood to visit. I sure hope we can start going back more often to visit.

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