Ice Cream With Friend

Yesterday afternoon we were visiting our regular hang-out just sitting around with friends.

One of our friends sat down with some ice cream. He was not even paying attention to me as I stared at him hoping to get a little lick of that ice cream he was eating.

Finally, he noticed me.

Inteliperra having ice cream with friends

My friend was eating ice cream and he finally saw me looking at him with my big eyes wide open.

He said “Hey, would you like some ice cream”? (in Spanish of course). I gave him a little whisper bark to let him know that I for sure wanted some ice cream.

Inteliperra kept starring and the ice cream friend finally noticed me.

I just kept starring and he finally noticed me.

Ahah! He reached into his cup and got me some ice cream!

My friend spooned me out a nice bite of his ice cream.

My friend spooned me out a nice bite of his ice cream.

I was a very content doggie.

By this time Buenagente saw what was going on and he came over to join in the ice cream feasting. My friend tore his ice cream cup in half and gave us each our own to lick clean.

Inteliperra and Buenagente Getting Ice Cream

Buenagente joins Inteliperra for some ice cream and to lick the drippings left in the cup.

Thanks to my friend for sharing your ice cream with us Dominican Dogs. We love you.

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