Halloween Boo-boo

Happy Halloween to all!

Our Halloween morning started off normally, walking to the Faro a Colón. We walked around the lighthouse and did some running too. Then Buena got hurt.

We left the house around 5:45AM for our much loved morning romp. We headed to the Faro a Colón today. The walk there takes a little longer than usual because Buena and I have to stop often to sniff and see who else passed by. We have to pee in lots of different spots, which makes momma laugh.

At the Faro a Colón looking at the city of Santo Domingo.

Momma thinks its funny the way I pee. Sometimes I squat other times I lift a leg just like Buena does. I enjoy the peeing variety in my life. Then after the pee sometimes I have to scratch up the ground a bit. Buena really gets into the pee – scratch thing. Momma said she’ll try and get a video of it someday.

On the way home from the walk, near the BanReservas, Buena did a normal pee – scratch. Then he let out a little cry. There was some blood on the dirt. Momma looked at his foot, brushed it off and said we had to keep walking and no more peeing.

At the Faro a Colón looking at the city of Santo Domingo.

We were almost home when Buena started limping. Momma has a bad back but she lifted Buena up and carried him. She had to set him down once to rest but she carried him all the way to the door of our house. I walked calmly, worrying about Buena, beside them.

Buena has a little cut on his front pad. It looks like a little puncture wound. He probably got it on all the broken glass everywhere in the streets.

Momma cleaned the boo-boo and made sure Buena was comfortable. After our morning bones Buena slept most of the day away.

When we went out for evening walkabout and pee we only went to the little park in front of our house. Momma wrapped Buenas foot up so it didn’t get dirty and covered it with a sock. Poor Buena.

Buenagente with his sock on his boo-boo foot as Teli looks on.

So that was our Halloween. Momma did try and put a mask on us but we weren’t going for it.

Buenagente trying to sleep while momma is bothering him with the Halloween mask

Inteliperra sleeping while momma is trying to put on the Halloween mask

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

Momma was checking Buenas cut foot and she saw something sparkling inside. She touched it and it was hard. She got a magnifier and tweezers and pulled a piece of glass out of his foot! Buena was a very good patient and let momma dig into his cut and he only cried a little bit. Then she sprayed it clean with some ph water. Now Buena is resting and he should heal up. Poor Buena. I bet that hurt!

Momma pulled out a piece of glass from Buenagentes cut foot.

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