Today’s morning romp took us to Parque Mirador del Este. We thought we were just going to walk around the Faro a Colón but momma kept on walking.

We enjoy going to this park because there are trees, grass, dirt and lots of space for running.

Buenagente and Inteliperra checking out the smells at Parque Mirador del Este

So we ran, and ran and ran.

Running at Parque Mirador del Este. Here we come.

Running. There we go.

Running at Parque Mirador del Este. There we go.

Then we had to walk on the path what was red with fallen flowers from the flamboyant trees to return home. Follow the red flowered trail.

Leaving the Parque Mirador del Este on the flamboyant lined path.

It was a great morning.

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