Dinky Visits The Playa

Today momma decided to take us across the Malecon to visit Playita Montecino. We do not go there often because crossing the Malecon is dangerous so we usually only visit on Sunday when there is less traffic and when our friends who live in the street are not with us. Momma doesn’t want them to cross that crazy street and take the chance of them being hit by a car.

We took Dinky to the beach for her first time.

Dinky visits Playita Montecino for the first time.

She loved the sand.

Dinky loves the sand

I decided to teach her about digging in the sand. She is sure a fast learner.

Teli teaching Dinky to dig in the sand

I spotted Buena digging his own hole and I had to go and start trouble.

Buena was digging his own hole and Teli had to go and start trouble.

The fight was on. Buenagente, Dinky and me, Inteliperra.

Inteliperra, Buenagente and Dinky fighting for the hole

I pretended to give up the fight.

Teli pretends to give up the fight.

But, I was just bluffing. I went back to conquer.

Teli goes in to conquer and take over the hole.

We tired ourselves out playing. It was time to take a little rest.

You can see our favorite statue of the Colonial Zone, Fray Anton de Montecino. He fought for the rights of the original inhabitants of the island. He took a stand against the abuse of the Tainos and the slaves brought to the island by the Spanish.

Tired out with our favorite statue behind us, Fray Anton de Montecino.

Even Dinky was pooped out after a big fun romp on Playita Montecino.

Dinky pooped out after a good romp.

It was a good Sunday morning romp. Now it’s time for us all to get on the sofa and take a snooze.

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