Dogs Do Have Emotions

We came across this article “Our Emotional Pets” asking whether animals have emotions, especially dogs.

They asked if non-human animals experience fear and other emotions. Do they have the same feelings as humans that go along with a behavioral response like a dogs fear of thunder?

They spent much money to research this and it seems they found the answer that I could have told them without spending all the money on research. Of course we have emotions and can experience them. Seeking, rage, fear, lust, care, panic and play. Why would anyone think that we do not have these emotions?

We cry and get sad and sometimes very depressed when our owners and the ones we love go away. We care for and protect our young. We experience fear. How do you think we know not to go to a certain area or run away from something or someone? Of course we have lust. How do you think we make babies? They do not just grow on trees you And yes, we panic also. Have you ever seen us running away or hiding when there are fireworks or loud noises? And our favorite, play and joy. Play is the best. We love to play. We play with each other and with our humans. We get down on our front legs with our butts up in the air and the play begins. Throw a ball or stick and most of us love it. You can see pure joy in all of us when we get to play and romp.

Some good play time with Inteliperra, Buenagente and Lola.

Some good play time with Inteliperra, Buenagente and Lola.

Buenagente and me, Inteliperra, are glad they did write this article. It is a good thing to let humans know that we dogs and other animals do have feelings and emotions. We may show how we feel a little differently than you humans but we still feel.

How do your animals show their emotions?

Please read this article to get the entire report. Our Emotional Pets.

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