Dominican Dogs Birthday Party 2015

We had a birthday! “The Guardians of the Zone” Bueuangente and me, have our birthdays on the same day. Momma did this so we could have a bigger party together instead of smaller parties separate. Neither of us really know the exact time of our birth. I really do not know why momma decided to make our birthdays on April Fools Day. Do you think she is trying to tell us something? lol. Oh, by the way, Buena is now 7 years old and I am now 5 years old.

We sent out invitations via Facebook on our pages (yes we have Facebook pages), Dominican Dog Blog, Inteliperra and Buenagente. The party was at Parque Duarte in front of the statue at 5PM.


Momma made us a very special cake out of chicken gizzards and mashed potato icing. She even put our names on it too. It was really pretty for her first try at making a doggie meat cake. She said she will post her recipe soon.



When we got to the park no one was there but us. In general, we Dominicans are usually late. while we were waiting Momma put the birthday hats on us and took some pictures.



We really do not like these hats but it makes momma happy and sometimes we just have to let her have her fun. Oh that silly momma of ours.



There was a lady and her friends making a fuss over us. She even had to have her picture taken with Buena and me.

The first friends to show were the Pug family. Mandy and her daughter Gisselle came. Buenagente invited them to have some cake. Mandy did not want any cake but Gisselle enjoyed a slice.


Then I smelt someone I recognized coming. It was Aunt Kay! I have known her since I was a baby. She was my schoolteacher when I went to a few puppy classes and she helped me find my momma and my forever home.


She came strolling up to us bearing gifts! Yeah! Let the party begin.



Aunt Kay brings great gifts from her store Pet Plaza. It is always nice having an aunt that has a pet store.

Buenagente went running up to her first to see what was the squeaking noise coming from her. It seems that these little stuffed animals she brought have a squeak inside them. The squeak frightens me but Buena loved it. He is so much braver than me in many things.




Aunt Kay was trying to make us each a gift pile but we were just too excited. We were checking everything out, sniffing and poking our noses into everything before she could set the things out. We were just too excited.


We each got a squeaky stuffed animal. I got a pink bear and Buena got a purple hippo. We got our favorite smelly cow hoofs that we can spend hours chewing on. We got a knucklebone that was wrapped in plastic to save for later. We also got the best smelling thing, Stinky Fish Sticks. Our Aunty knows just want we like.



Then more of our friends came. Shadow came bounding up carrying her red konk toy. She always has it with her all dripping in spit just waiting for someone to throw it for her. She loves that thing. As long as it is being thrown around for her her life is complete.


Then Poky, who is now called Flaca by her adopted mom, and her elderly sister Boca showed up for some cake. Boca loved the cake but Flaca would not even try a bite.


Just then all the friends came. First Toby came prancing by. Then our best friends from the street, Zippy and Julio, showed up. Zippy ate some cake but was too busy visiting all her friends. Julio is a pig. He loves to eat. Momma could not set the cake down or Julio would be right there licking the icing and nibbling around the corners.

It did not bother me very much but Buenagente got a little aggravated that Julio was just helping himself to HIS cake.


Then I heard a nose. Drums. A Semana Santa procession was approaching. They drive me crazy. I hate live music. I get crazy and start trying to run away from all the people and noise. Thank goodness my human friends were there so they could watch the party stuff while momma had to hold me and run to the next street. Of course, Buena, Zippy and Julio followed behind as momma hurried to get me out of there.

We stood on the corner, hiding from the noise and crowd. Waiting for it all to pass so we could get back to our party guests, the cake and our toys.

After the craziness passed we returned to the party. We cleaned up and headed home.

We wanted the cow hoofs to chew on. Buena and I went to our favorite spots to do some chewing. It was a great party.



I had to go the next morning back to party central and check to make sure there were no remaining pieces of cake or any other party remains laying around.


Thanks to all who showed up to our party and made our birthday really special. Thank you Aunt Kay for the great presents that we are still enjoying. Thank you momma for making the cake and helping us plan our party. We, “The Guardians of the Zone”, thank you all.

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