Lots Of Crap

Momma was reading something and she had to share it with me because she knew I would be interested. Now I am sharing it with all my loyal blog readers.

This excerpt is from the book “Canine Behavior: Insights and Answers 2e” by Bonnie V. Beaver.

The estimated 61.6 million dogs in USA weigh an average of 14.5 kg (about 32 pounds) and produce 40 ml (0.16907 cups) of urine per kilogram of body weight per day. The result is 35.73 million liters (about 147936349.32056 US cups) of urine deposited by dogs each day. These same dogs produce 20.94 million kilograms (about 46297075.058824 pounds) of feces per day, assuming each dog eliminates 0.34kg (about 0.75 pounds) of feces.
(I added the conversions so I could better understand just how much crap and mess we doggies make.)

Now that is alot of crap!

Just because I am sometimes a meanie here is a cloudy picture of my best friend and co-writer Buenagente taking a pee. I C U P (I see you pee) Buenagente!! snicker-snicker

Buenagente at Plaza de la Poesia peeing

Buenagente at Plaza de la Poesia peeing

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