The Big Announcement

I have some big news! I decided to be nice and let Buenagente and some of my other friends write on my blog.

Buenagente has been bugging me for a long time that he had something to say. He wanted to share some of the things he has in his mind, stuff about his tour business and more with the world.

Buenagente asked me and I told him I had to think hard about this big change. I crunched my paper (crunching my paper helps me to relax and think better even though I know it might not be very good for me) and thought.

Teli and Buenagente having a discussion

Teli and Buenagente having a discussion

I waited a week thinking about this. I did not want to make a bad decision.

When I feel obligated to break up a fight amongst my friends I move fast. I do not even think. I just jump and sometimes this is not a good thing.

Buenagente is my best friend and he loves people much more than I do. He is the people dog. He loves humans and is very extroverted. Me, on the other hand, I am more shy and introverted. So I am thinking that he can add a new point of view to this one-sided story of mine.

I had a talk with Buenagente this morning. We discussed the details.

Teli and Buenagente having a serious discussion

Teli and Buenagente having a serious discussion

I decided that Buenagente and some other friends can add their thoughts and feelings on my blog to make it more fun for all.

We had our first meeting before a morning romp with the friends Zippy, Julio, Beza and a new puppy that the police adopted whose name I do not know yet. Buenagente was involved in our first meeting too but he was off to the side thinking.

Teli, Zippy, Julio, Beza and a little new puppy discussing some things.

Teli, Zippy, Julio, Beza and a little new puppy discussing some things.

We have all sorts of good stuff planned for both animals and humans. Some new dog friends will be adding their thoughts. We will have some interesting products that we like. We will share and review them. We will have some training both humans and their best friends. We might even have a cat or 2 add their thoughts and opinions..imagine that.

I hope you are as excited as we are.

We also started our own FaceBook page so come on by and give us a like.

2 thoughts on “The Big Announcement

  1. Ok, so that’s Teli for you!

    We have this great plan and there she runs off and spills the beans! I told her to wait until I’m ready but, nah, she can’t.

    So now I’ll be working my tail off this weekend and I was planning to kick my paws back with the girls at the Fortaleza. Oh, Teli, thanks!

    Well, never mind, I have a commitment you you guys and girl readers. Would mind a comment or two of support now that I’m stuck in the office. 😉

    You go ahead and enjoy the long weekend.

    • This is because I love you Buenagente..snicker, snicker. You are the one that wanted to be part of this now you must do your part.

      No really, you take your time. It is difficult at first writing and stuff, especially learning how to use the special doggy keyboard (wink, wink).

      We will just get all the humans excited for the good stuff that will be coming.

      Momma is laughing too.

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