Run with your pet! 3-30-2014

Run with your pet! The Maratón 1K-nino RD 2014 will be on Sunday March 30, 2014 starting at 9AM.

1er Maratón 1K Niño Canino RD 3-30-2014

1er Maratón 1K Niño Canino RD 3-30-2014

This sporty, fun and family nonprofit event is at the Feria Ganadera, KM 6.5 Autopista 30 de Mayo Santo Domingo, off the Malecon. Run with your best friend and help raise funds for the construction of a shelter for dogs, cats and horses called “The Ghetto 2 Garden”.

They also want to raise awareness of Law 242-12 on Animal Protection and Responsible Animal Ownership. (I posted about the laws “Ley de Protección Animal y Tenencia Responsable” / “Animal Protection Act and Responsible Ownership” with a link to the entire Ley # 248-12 in PRF form).

Visit to register your pet and get some more information. The donation is only RD$400 per team.

There will be much information available. Get dog training advice. See many animals up for adoption. Get free veterinary check-ups. Take a pony ride. There will be fun and education for everyone in the family including your best friends.

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