Pets Breeding Control Jan and Feb 2014 Events

FUNDACION PETS BREEDING CONTROL – There is a group of people here in Dominican Republic that work together to sterilize animals. They take care of both street dogs and cats and animals that have their very own forever homes too.

These animal loving humans volunteer their time and donate their money so there are not more dogs that are not loved and without homes in this world.

By sterilizing an animal it helps all, us dogs and the humans as well.

This is what they have to say –
“PETS BREEDING CONTROL FOUNDATION invites all rescuers and foundations to join the campaign for sterilization as much these days. Donations can be received in the bank account at Scotiabank in the name FUNDACION PETS BREEDING CONTROL cta5501977.”
“QUERID@S AMIGOS, esta es una maravillosa oportunidad para reducir el número de muertes en nuestra ciudad. FUNDACION PETS BREEDING CONTROL invita a todos los rescatistas y fundaciones a unirse a esta campaña para lograr la mayor cantidad de esterilizaciones en estos días. Las donaciones se seguirán recibiendo en la cuenta del banco Scotiabank a nombre de la fundación.

Contact information 829 986 9595 Dra. Lourdes Ginette Ripley Feliu

*Saturday 25, 2014 from 9AM to 12 in Puerta Plata, Calle 1ra #3, Cerros del Atlantíco.

Pets Breeding Control

Pets Breeding Control

“Autopista de San Isidro The event will be held from February 6 to 8, 2014. Feb. 6 and 7 it is FREE FOR ANIMALS LIVING ON THE STREET. Saturday the 8 is for people that have per-registered their pets. It will happen from 9AM to 12.

Pets Breeding Control Santo Domingo

Pets Breeding Control Santo Domingo

Pets Breeding Control interview video on VIMEO

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