The Morning Play – Fight

I have been sort of busy and have not been able to write. The last post was about Buenagente aka Blondie. He is my friend front he street and mommy sort of brought him home to stay so she could find him a forever home. She is very particular who she will let adopt Buena so in the mean time he has been making our apartment into his temporary home.

Buenagente does not stay in my apartment all the time. The neighbors say he is a “Perro de la Casa” and most of them like him. He sleeps in the stairwell and sometimes visits them in their apartments as well. But it seems like most of the time he is here or in front of our door. He does protect the building now. He is the house guard dog.

I do not mind it most of the time. It is nice to have a friend to play with sometimes. But I do not like him on MY sofa or on My bed or eating MY bones. I have to remind him often that this is MY house and he is welcome sometimes but not to take advantage of my generosity. I need to remind Buenagente and the other dogs sometimes that I an the Alpha Female of the Colonial Zone and they best not question my

I like fighting and playing with Buenagente but right now he has a little bit of bad breath. One of his teeth are rotten and broken off. Saturday he has an appointment at the rescue place here, PADELA, and they will fix him up. I sure hope because his mouth stinks.

Mom likes to take pictures, as most of you know that read our blogs. This morning after the morning walk and breakfast Buena and I usually like to have a little romp before our mid morning nap time. These are some pictures that mom took. I must say that I liked the pictures. The flash from the camera in the eyes i guess was worth it to make mom happy and to get these pictures.

Please click on the pictures to see them full size. I must say that I do like most of them, especially the close-up teeth and wet nose pictures.

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